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2020 Labor Day Weekend Retreat - Sept 4-7, 2020

Come away from the daily grind for a weekend of relaxation, learning, refreshment and fun with other Christian Singles!​

Dates: Friday, September 4, 2020, 3:00 PM to Monday, September 7, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT

Location: White Sulphur Springs / Officers Christian Fellowship in Bedford, PA.

To make a reservation: send an email to  You will receive a reply with instructions for making payment.

Cost: From $299-$399 depending on occupancy - includes 3 nights accommodations and 9 meals (dinner Friday through lunch Monday).

Double Occupancy rooms $299.00 per person.
Most double occupancy rooms are set up as suites for 2 people with a shared bathroom and separate beds on either side of a privacy wall.

Private, single-occupancy rooms $399.00 per person.
A very limited number of private rooms have a private bathroom, most have a shared bathroom between two private rooms.

Payment in full is due by 8/21/2020.

Payment terms:

A $150.00 deposit holds your spot, however, you can pay the entire amount in advance. If you need to make several payments over time, contact to set up that arrangement.

All advance payments are 100% refundable through 8/21/2020.

Refund Policy
100% refund if the event is cancelled by Singlefaith or by White Sulphur Springs.
No refunds after 8/21/2020 if the event takes place as scheduled.

Theme: "Define the Relationship"

  • Defining our relationship with ourselves.

  • Defining our relationship with God.

  • Defining our relationships with others.

One evening will be an interactive Q&A discussion on Dating and Relationship topics.


There will be A LOT of time for fun and recreation!

Possible activities include: Canoeing and/or Kayaking, Hiking, a really unique 120-year-old bowling alley, Campfire time each evening, and excursions to nearby Bedford, PA.

Speaker Bio:  Jace Broadhurst

Jace is a long-time pastor and professor.  He has done premarital and marriage counseling for decades and sadly led people through divorces and death of spouses as well. He was married for 18 years, has 3 awesome boys, and lost his wife to cancer in 2015. So yeah, now he is single too.

He has done marriage and theology conferences, was a singles pastor for 10 years, and is now navigating Bumble and Match. He is also pretty sick of this dating thing. He is looking forward to thinking things through with you.

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