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About Us


Singlefaith started several years ago as Single Christian Social Connection, a Yahoo Meetup group focused on connecting Christian singles in community.   That's essentially who we still are today but with a different name.  The group has grown to almost 3,500 singles across the Mid-Atlantic region - Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  We also partner with churches, organizations and other singles groups in the region and neighboring states.  It's an exciting time to see how God is moving among us with this group.  In 2019, Singlefaith became a non-profit organization.  If you would like to contribute to our mission, click here.

What do we mean by Single?  Singleness encompasses many different seasons: those who are divorced, widowed, never married, even those casually dating.  It just means you aren't married or have a partner. 

Why Singlefaith?   Singlefaith meets the needs of Christian singles in their particular season of life which has many unique challenges of loneliness, isolation, lack of connection or friendship opportunities, etc.

Our Purpose

SINGLEFAITH exists to:

CONNECT Christian singles to one another to build a sense of community with healthy relationships. We have fun together, sharing experiences and making memories.


Encourage regional singles to PLUG INTO a local Bible-teaching church that focuses on the Gospel message of grace through Jesus Christ. 


REACH OUT to unchurched or de-churched singles where they are, to share the Good News of Jesus, and help singles reconcile to God through His Son Jesus Christ.


SUPPORT local churches that may not have enough resources to minister to the singles in their congregations.


Provide opportunities for singles to SERVE GOD alongside others in a similar life stage, with similar life experiences and common values.

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