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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was singlefaith created?

We see the gaps in churches where singles don't feel like they fit into the family oriented culture of churches.  Many are leaving or face lonliness because they don't fit in.  Singlefaith helps meet the need for connections, friendships and support for those who find themselves single at this time in their lives.  

Is singlefaith a church?

No!  We want to get singles back into their local church which is why we partner with churches to provide a seamless solution for those finding themselves single but lonely.  We help them connect with one another but then encourage them to be involved in their local church as well.  Win-win.

What do we mean by Single? 

Singleness encompasses many different seasons: those who are divorced, widowed, never married, even those casually dating.  It just means you aren't married or have a partner.  Singlefaith meets the needs of Christian singles in this particular season of life which has many unique challenges of loneliness, isolation, lack of connection or friendship opportunities, etc.  

Trust in God

“The result of immersing yourself in God’s love is that it requires you to trust — trust in a God who loves you enough to meet all of your needs, trust in a God who knows what is best for your life, trust in the one who promises that his will is good, pleasing, and perfect (Rom. 12:2), trust in a God whose love is matchless.”
― Debra K. Fileta, True Love Dates

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