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Support Singlefaith

The work of Singlefaith is done by volunteers and is primarily funded by regular financial supporters. Singlefaith is grateful for each partner and each gift!  Singlefaith is committed to handling all finances with transparency and integrity.

Ways to support Singlefaith:

  • Prayers: Your prayer support is vital!

  • Financial Gifts: Give monthly or a one-time gift to support Singlefaith.  See ways to contribute to the work of Singlefaith below. Singlefaith is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Support contributions to Singlefaith are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  

  • Service: Contribute your time.  We need volunteers to help with event support.  See below.

Ways to Contribute Financial Gifts to Singlefaith:


Donate via Paypal:  Click here and use a credit card to contribute. Donations are processed thru Paypal; no Paypal account needed.


Donate via Zelle: Send money from your Zelle account.  Use as the Zelle payment address. 


Donate via Venmo: Easily contribute right in the app. Click here for our Venmo profile and support us today.


Donate via Facebook: Click this link to go to the Singlefaith Facebook page and click the Donate button (to the right of the header).

Contribute Your Time

If you would like to serve on a team and contribute your time or talent - Contact us.

Areas of Need:

  • Hospitality Team

  • Welcome/Follow up

  • Event set up / take down

  • Marketing

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